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1st run out on my nearly good as new leg!

Popped out for a 5K run tonight to see how my leg holds up, it came through fine, it's just the rest of me that didn't, so I'll up it to 7K on the next one and then stepping up to 10K twice a week if everything stays good 🙂 Strangely I ran the whole way with the song...

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Photo’s done 🙂

Dave and I met the photographer from The Ripley & Heanor News today and had the photographs taken to go with the article. This weeks issue hopefully.I've started increasing my training schedule, if you can count slacklining with Matt all day as training! :DI have...

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Garnering media interest! 🙂

Just had a call from Paul Lynch at the Ripley & Heanor News for some information on the trip and to arrange a photograph. Little acorns and all that!Hopefully I can get the Mountain Biking  and Outdoors press involved too to try and raise awareness.

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Chase The Rainbow. Almost ready to launch!

Hi' I'm Neil Cottam and this is going to be a blog for my team mates and I to tell you all about Chase The Rainbow and the events we are and challenges we are undertaking in aid of worthwhile causes.The page is a bit basic at the moment but we are working to get it...

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