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What a truly sad turn of events for the Norwegian people.

Having witnessed the events unfolding in Oslo yesterday, in the UK media, I am left aghast and speechless.
I was very fortunate to visit Oslo last year; and a more beautiful and welcoming people it is hard to imagine. It is one of my outstanding travel memories.
The Vigeland Park, The Edvard Munch Museum, The Fram Museum, The National Gallery, The Viking Ship Museum, The Nobel Peace Centre, The view from the Opera House and many more wonderful attractions all done with Norway’s understated charm; the list is a long and glorious one. Oslo is one of the most outstandingly beautiful cities in the world and the Norwegian people are some of the most relaxed and charming people I have had the pleasure to experience. I thank you for the cherished memories.
I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are suffering. You have my most sincere and heartfelt condolences.
Love to you all from the guys at Chase The Rainbow.

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Neil Cottam

Neil is the founder of Chase The Rainbow. He has spent a lifetime exploring the outdoors, from a childhood climbing trees and scrambling his bike around old pit heads to hiking in the Himalaya and backpacking around Europe and Asia.

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