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The best laid plans… #DestinationUnknown

The best laid plans… #DestinationUnknown

My life is a series of best laid plans, some of which magically materialise, and some of which don’t. It’s always life itself of course that dictates the direction and flow of my best laid plans.

This year for example I had to cancel my attempt at the Tour Divide Race in America because of the change of circumstance in my living arrangements (it was a timing issue rather than a homeless issue). This lead on to plans for an impromptu bicycle tour and an ultramarathon which were then partially dissolved by the opportunity to go to Nepal again.
See what happens? Life is fluid, so I go with the flow.

And so… This is where I’m currently at, and this is the plan…
I fly to Kathmandu at the end of September for a jolly old adventure of ten weeks. Ten whole weeks of dossing around, riding my bike, and making a nuisance of myself.
It’s a very good job that it’s cheaper to be in Nepal than it is to be at home.
I plan to have a couple of days in Kathmandu, recovering from the rigours of long haul travel, meeting up with friends, and sorting out permits.
I then plan on heading for the Annapurna circuit and The Upper Mustang region (so long as I don’t get lost again, see here) to recce the new Yak Attack route, 
I might then head for the lakeside city of Pokhara for some R&R. I haven’t spent much time in Pokhara and I’d like to get to know the area a little more. Also it has considerably less air pollution than Kathmandu and I’d like to avoid the dastardly “Kathmandu Cough” before Yak Attack heads out of town.
I then plan to cycle circuitously to Kathmandu for the race registration and stuff.
Yak Attack will be all encompassing for about three weeks and I’ll hang in KTM for a few days after the race until everyone has departed.
I might then hatch a plan to cycle to Chitwan for a week or two. They have elephant and rhinoceros in Chitwan. I have met elephant and rhinoceros before but I’ve haven’t met them in Chitwan.
That’s a lot of plans. A lot of plans that might get unplanned and replanned into other plans. Who knows man? I’ll just float with the tide and see where it washes me up. A man with a flexible plan 🙂

The Elephant Patrol
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