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A Daring Deed indeed.

A Daring Deed indeed.
The stunning Rara Lake in Western Nepal.
Because I have been quite lazy of late I thought I should probably post a little update. I am in the process of writing several pieces for the blog. At least one covering some of my extended visit to Nepal and another one with some very exciting news to share.
Watch this space.

I have written a couple of pieces for Alpkit’s Daring Deeds section. The first was a preview of my recent trip to Nepal…

…and the second is a travelogue of our time exploring the area around the rarely visited Rara Lake National Park in the Wild West (just click on the links).

A curious couple and a curious cottage – Western Nepal.
It’s not much of a blog post but there is plenty to come over the next few weeks as I get caught up.
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Thank you for looking, see you soon.

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