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News: Yak Attack announces re-branding.

News: Yak Attack announces re-branding.
The big news this week is the announcement from Yak Attack about an essential re-branding process.
Here’s what Race Director Phil Evans had to say about it on the Facebook Page:

“Yak Attack was originally chosen as the name for the world’s highest mountain bike race, which was founded way back in 2007.
Since then the name Yak Attack has become synonymous with mountain bike adventures and challenges and has been used as a collective name for all our other races, adventures, and challenges.
As the company is growing incrementally as each year passes, we felt it was time to give Yak Attack it’s identity back as being the “to-do” high altitude mountain bike race not only in Nepal but worldwide.
For this reason all our races, including Yak Attack, Rumble in the Jungle, Pokhara IV and all our mountain bike tours will now go under the umbrella of Mountain Biking Worldwide.
Over the coming weeks/months there will be a little bit of re-branding, website updates, and a whole new simplified application system.
We’re very excited about the future of Mountain Biking Worldwide and look forward to welcoming riders new and old to our ever growing calendar of races, challenges and adventures.
Hope you like the new logo  © A Friendly Web Dude

So there you go, everything in a nutshell.
If you fancy the adventure of a lifetime then sign up for one of their truly great races or have a look at the amazing guided trips that are on offer.

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