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The green light.

The green light.
“No Gain Without Pain” it says near the top of Cramp Hill; the final, brutal, climb into Haputale at the end of “Rumble in the Jungle” Stage One. I doubt whoever painted it knew that it would eventually greet a plethora of international mountainbikers in the last throes of the pain train during their baptism of fire on the lush island of Sri Lanka.
It is also relevant to me this very week. My long awaited operation to repair my previously dislocated shoulder has the go ahead and I undergo keyhole surgery on Thursday afternoon. I’m looking forward to regaining normal mobility, but I can’t say that I’m especially looking forward to three months of post-op recovery, or the immediate post-op discomfort come to think of it.
No Gain Without Pain. 

Talking, as we were, of Sri Lanka, I have written a two-part blog for the Daring Deeds section of Alpkit’s website. If you fancy reading about my Asian adventure you can do so using the links below:

Talking, as we were, of Alpkit/Sri Lanka, I got an email from AlpCol recently, asking me if I would consider doing a talk in The Yurt at their end of season outdoor festival The Big Shakeout.
It’s sold out now so if you’re are fortunate enough to have secured a weekend ticket you will be able to listen in on my adventures.
I’m finding the thought of talking adventure to a big tent full of adventurers a bit scary. Fortunately I can talk the back legs of a donkey, so once I get over the initial stage-fright I think I should be OK.  If not then my potential public-speaking career will be over on the night it begins. Thankfully The Yurt only holds about sixty people so my humiliation could remain well contained… ahh… they film the talks and put them on YouTube. Oops. Potential global humiliation then… Ho-hum.

Given that I may have some time on my hands for a couple of weeks I’m going to attempt to finish off one or two pending posts and reviews, and also refresh and update one or two other bits of the blog that have been niggling at my tiny brain.
I’m sure that you are now struggling to contain your excitement. Watch this space 😀

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