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A Malteaser.

A Malteaser.

A few days ago a friend of mine rang me to say that he’d spotted some cheap flights to Malta, and that he’d heard that they have a very nice coastal walk. So that’s what we are doing on Wednesday.
Part of my plan for my year off was to have no plan at all, other than some loose ideas about places I’d like to visit and things I’d like to do. My no-plan-at-all-plan allows me to sweep up spontaneous opportunities, just like this one.

We’re flying from East Midlands Airport to Luqa. Catching a bus to Valletta, and then seeing how far we can get around the island in seven days.
The Coastal Walk is an unofficial, un-signed, circumnavigation of the Maltese coast line on a variety of paths and terrain. It was pioneered by a couple of enterprising fellows and then shared on the internet for interested folk to enjoy.
We’re travelling pretty light – in an Alpine Style if you like – with pretty much the bare minimum we can get away with; mostly because of our measly luggage allowance. I will, however, be packing my usual three pairs of underwear – just in case – one to wear, one to wash, and one in case I shit myself.
A couple of t-shirts, flip-flops, a pair of shorts, and some zip-off trousers make up the rest of my fine ensemble, along with a small tent and a sleeping bag because we plan to spend most nights wild camping if we can get away with it.
We don’t actually have a fixed plan to necessarily complete the route; visiting stuff and enjoying the myriad culture is a far more important objective.

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